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  About us

Leendert Saarloos has more than 30 years of experience in building and developing ULO-storage facilities. He started his own firm in the Netherlands and built a variety of facilities and installations related to storage. Cold storage, air conditioning, cooling machines, cooling installations for restaurant kitchens, cooling trucks and mobile cooling boxes for veterinary trucks are examples of what Leendert Saarloos constructed. With other words a wide range of products with as common denominator: cooling storage.

His knowhow within the cooling technology sector grew, as well as his company. Storage of fresh produce has always been a challenge, and Leendert Saarloos accumulated more and more knowledge within this sector.

The first entry into the Scandinavian market was in 1996 when his Dutch company: "Saarloos Koeltechniek B.V.", built a ULO-storage in Sweden. In 2008 the company built in Vittsjö its own ULO-storage facility together with a spare parts storage. Vittsjö was chosen due to its', for Scandinavia as whole, central location in the South of Sweden. By this time, Saarloos Koeltechniek B.V. had already built ULO-storage facilities in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

In 2004, a sister company: "Saarloos Sverige AB", was established in order to better serve the Scandinavian market. 2004 was also the year that the Saarloos family moved from the Netherlands to Vittsjö in the South of Sweden.

In Vittsjö, where the ULO workshop and spare part storage is located, a ULO-storage facility was built 2008. In this facility there are eight cells with a capacity to store a total of 1200.000 kg fruit. 1200 tons of fruit is in volume comparable to the carrying capacity of approximately 40 Swedish trucks. Saarloos developed this facility to meet the fruit growers’ requests to have an option to lease ULO storage space without the need to construct and own a facility. 

Today, Saarloos Sverige AB is market leader in Scandinavia in the field of constructing quality ULO-storage facilities. Leendert Saarloos and his team are eager to provide their customers the best products and services available in the market.

In 2012 the Dutch company Saarloos Koeltechniek B.V. was closed down in order for the Swedish based Saarloos Sverige AB to fully concentrate on the Scandinavian market.